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Terms and Conditions

The Small print

We don't suppose you like small print any more than we do.  So this page is included for completeness and avoidance of doubt.  We hope that our 'terms' are what common sense and courtesy would already dictate.


This is a non-smoking household.  Also, under Scottish legislation it is an offence to smoke, or allow smoking, in enclosed public areas.  This includes B&B establishments.

Arrival and Departure

You may arrive at any time after 1200 noon, but occasionally we may not be able to have your bedroom ready until 16:00 (4.00pm).

If you plan to arrive after 18:00 (6.00pm), please let us know. If we don't hear from you by this time we reserve the right to cancel the booking

During your stay you are welcome to use the Guest Sitting Room at any time of the day.

On the day of departure, please vacate your rooms by 11:00 (11.00am) so that we can prepare for our next guests.


Our rates are as shown on our availability pages.  For one night stays the adult rate is subject to a surcharge of £5.00.  

Discounts for Children

Our discounted rates for children are based on there being two adults in the party. Where there is only one adult the child (or older child if there is more than one) will be charged at the adult rate.


We do not accept Credit or Debit Cards because our turnover is insufficient to make it viable.  We accept payment by UK cheque, cash, PayPal, or bank transfer (Internet banking).  PayPal will accept credit/debit cards, and we recommend that you use this method for payment of deposits (see below) if you do not have a UK bank account. We make a small charge for payment via PayPal, to offset the cost.


When we confirm your booking, we ask you for a deposit.  The amount will be £25 or 10% of the B&B cost (rounded up to the nearest Pound), whichever is the greater, and will be deducted from your final bill.  If you have to cancel we will do our reasonable best to re-let the rooms.  If we are successful we will refund your deposit in full.  If we can't replace your booking with a similar one (in terms of party size and length of stay), we reserve the right to retain your deposit.

Deposits must be received within two* weeks of the date that you make the booking, otherwise we will assume that you are not coming, and will re-let the accommodation.
(* One week if booking less than six weeks in advance)

Payment of Deposits: We can accept payment by UK cheque, or you can make payment to our PayPal account via a secure link which we will e-mail to you with the booking confirmation.  PayPal will accept credit/debit cards.  We add £1 to the amount paid via PayPal, towards our transaction costs


If you have to cancel your booking, please give us as much notice as possible. We will do our reasonable best to re-let the rooms (see 'Deposits' above).

Cancellation after arrival

If you cancel after arrival (reduce the length of your stay) we reserve the right to charge in full for the cancelled portion of your stay

Booking on line

When you book on line you will receive an automatic e-mail setting out the details of your booking.  We will then contact you by e-mail confirming the booking and asking for the deposit.  Normally this will be the same or next day.

If you do not receive the automatic e-mail then it is possible we will not have received your booking.  If you receive the automatic e-mail but do not hear from us within 72 hours, you should assume that for some reason we have not received your booking.  In either case we suggest you telephone us on +44 (0)1681 700718


The only information about you that we hold on our computer will be your name, postal (street) address, e-mail address and telephone number.  We will use this information only for contacting you about your booking and future opportunities.  We will not make the information available to any other private or commercial parties. For more detail see our full Privacy Policy here.


We do not keep dogs ourselves, but we do allow well-behaved dogs to visit us. Inevitably dogs bring hairs and mud into the house, so we make a charge for the additional cleaning required after departure. The charge is £2 per dog per day, subject to a maximum of £5 (per dog) for longer stays.

Owners are responsible for their dog at all times. Please bring your own dog bedding, and do not allow your dog on beds or other furniture. Don't leave your dog alone in your room. Do not allow your dog to foul our garden or the area immediately outside. There are usually sheep in the fields around Maolbhuidhe, (not owned by us) so you must ensure that your dog doesn't chase them.

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