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How to use this Help page

This page explains in detail how to book your accommodation at Maolbhuidhe. You can scroll the page to read it all, or jump to the section that interests you by clicking the links in the Overview section. You can move the window by clicking on the TitleBar (blue band at the top) and dragging it around the screen.

The Help window will disappear when you click on the main pages behind to make your selections. You can make it reappear by clicking the 'Help with Booking' icon in the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen. The Task Bar may not be visible until you move the mouse pointer over it.


The booking process is divided into four simple stages, each of which takes just a few moments.

1. Checking availability (optional)
2. Selecting the dates, number of people etc.
3. Reviewing what you have booked
4. Adding your personal information and sending

Checking availability

In the menu at the top of any page, click on 'Booking', then on 'Availability and Pricing' (sometimes you may also see a choice for the current and next year, as shown here). The Availability page will load. Scroll down the list on the right of that page to find your preferred start date. Available dates are shown with a green background; dates already booked have a purple background. See below

When you put the mouse pointer on an available date its background changes to blue.

Click on the start date of your choice. You will be transferred to the Booking Page, with that date pre-selected.

You can also access the Availability page from the Booking Screen

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Prices vary seasonally, and are shown on the availability list. There is usually a small surcharge for bookings for one night only

Selecting dates, people, etc.

If you have just checked availability, the booking form will have opened with your chosen date pre-selected. Go to 'Length of Stay'

Selecting dates

Otherwise, (if you have not already done so) in the menu at the top of any page, click on 'Book on Line'. The booking form will open with no date selected.

Click on the small down-arrow to the right of the text 'Select a day' (as marked here by the red arrow). The full list of available dates will appear.

Note that only available dates are shown in the drop-down list, so if you are booking for several days, ensure they are all shown. Where a date is underlined in red it indicates a break in the date sequence. Click on your preferred date. The date will be selected.

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Length of Stay

Select your length of stay by clicking one of the 'radio buttons'. If your stay is to be longer than 5 nights, click the 'other' button, which will make a small box appear; enter the length of stay (numerals, not text) in this box.

We do not generally take one night bookings more than 30 days ahead (this may vary seasonally). An exception may be made where a one-night booking is immediately before or after another booking.

Number of people

The number of adults is pre-selected at TWO. all others at NIL.

On each box in turn: click the down-arrow to reveal the number list, then click the appropriate number to select

The maximum is five people (of any age combination) plus one baby. There must always be at least one adult.

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The comments box is for you to add any further information you think important. Also for dietary preferences. Please be specific.
e.g. If you are a vegetarian, do you eat fish ?


When you have completed your entries, click the 'Next' button if you want to proceed to the next screen

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Review Booking

This screen is your opportunity to check what you are about to book. It should also show up any errors (such as if you've tried to book for several days, some of which are already booked). Click 'Complete the Booking' to go on to the final screen, or 'Back' if you need to change something.

Completing the Booking

Here you add your name, title, e-mail address and telephone number, before finally submitting the booking.


Please enter your first and last names only (e.g. 'Jane Smith'). The name validator cannot yet cope with more complexity, though we are working on it.


Click the down-arrow and then select your appropriate title (Mr, Mrs, etc.). If you select 'other' an additional box will appear, in which you can enter your title.

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e-mail address

A copy of your submitted booking will automatically be sent to your e-mail address, so please ensure you enter it correctly.

This is so important we ask you to enter it twice, and then the program compares them to make sure they are the same. If they are not the same (as here) you will see the error message below. Click 'OK', then amend the incorrect entry.

We will also use this address to contact you (manually) later, to confirm your booking.

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We have made this a 'required field' (i.e. you must enter your phone number) to guard against incorrectly entered e-mail addresses. Please include your Country Code if you are outside UK


If you left the Comments box on the previous page blank, you will get another opportunity here. Otherwise the Comments box will not be visible on this page

Take a moment to help us

It helps us to know how our visitors found our web site.

Please click the down-arrow and select the most appropriate option.

Some selections will open an additional box in case you can supply further details (e.g. what search words did you enter ?)

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Send Booking

At last, the final moment ! Click 'Send Booking' to submit the booking.

What happens next ?

You will receive an automatic e-mail from our web site confirming the details you've booked. We also get a copy of this.

We will then send you a confirming e-mail. Your booking is NOT confirmed until you get this e-mail (to guard against the small chance that someone may have made a telephone booking simultaneously)

This confirming e-mail will also contain details of how to pay the deposit (UK cheque, bank transfer, or on-line). Your booking will be secure when we receive payment. We allow reasonable time for this, but please pay as promptly as you can

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What if I don't hear from you ?

You should receive the first (automatic) e-mail within minutes of your booking. If you don't, either there is a problem on the Internet or the e-mail address you entered was wrong. In this case we suggest you wait 24 hours, then either e-mail or telephone us.

We monitor our e-mails constantly, so you should get a reply within hours. If you don't get our confirming e-mail within four days please e-mail us again, or telephone.

Thank you for reading this far. We hope you will decide to book your holiday with us

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